Aqueous Solutions :

UNITECH offers both immersion and aspersion based aqueous solutions. The selection of detergent is critical, in order to optimise the cleaning and/or degreasing process of the parts in question. Particular attention also needs to be taken with the drying process for metallic parts, due to the presence of water. Aqueous processes can be adapted to a wide range of applications, from industrial machined parts to delicate electronic components. The systems are generally tailored to a specific type of application, with a determined detergent, rinse and dry process. As a result, they are therefore not always suitable for a customer seeking to clean a wide range of parts with various, differing contaminants.

All of the immersion based systems are designed and built in-house. These range from simple, individual tanks to complex, multi-tank installations with either a manual or robotic transfer from tank to tank.

UNITECH also offers a sealed aqueous system which offers environmental advantages over the open tank systems.

Aspersion based systems range from basic rotational spray cabins to continuous belt or screw driven lines. The continuous, aspersion based systems are offered as part of our partnership with Lavalterm, a Spanish company specialising in such solutions. (