Aqueous based immersion processes:

« Modular installations and a high degree of cleanliness »

By working with our detergent manufacturing partners, we help our customers to optimise the aqueous cleaning solution(s) for their specific needs. Our aqueous cleaning installations are based on a standard modular concept but are generally customised and scaled to each customer application.

These units frequently feature ultrasonic systems with sweep frequencies between 25 and 40 kHz as well as a robotic basket transfer.

The following can be used in conjunction with water cleaning :
- Spray-arm rinsing systems, foam cleaning systems, etc. which may or may not be followed by mains water or de-ionized water rinsing, etc.
- All drying techniques, such as hot air, vacuum, infrared and alcohol drying.

UNITECH designs and produces recycling and effluent treatment systems that can be used in conjunction with their detergent cleaning installation to minimize impact on the environment and to reduce consumption of municipal water resources.

All of the automatic function settings (i.e. temperature, cycles and robotics) on each unit are run by non-specific standard programmable logic controllers, unless our customers request otherwise.

UNITECH also offers a sealed aqueous based process, with a machine design comparable to that of a solvent based system. The cost is higher than for a conventional (open tank) aqueous system but the process costs are lower due to the limited consumption and effluent treatment. This process has an intrinsic environmental advantage over existing solutions and was developed with bio-detergents which may be associated with oil eliminating bacteria.

Applications : optimum cleaning of well defined parts
  • * Aeronautical, space
  • * Medical, implants and surgical material
  • * Pharmaceutical
  • * Optical
  • * Industrial maintenance
  • * Electronics
  • * Mechanical
  • * Nuclear
  • * Automotive