Solvent Solutions

UNITECH offers a full range of solvent based solutions. These systems cover a wide range of applications and are used across almost all industries due to the flexibility of such processes. Requirements range from degreasing of large, mechanical components to precision cleaning of electronic circuit boards in a clean room environment.

UNITECH has developed three main process types:
  • - Chlorinated solvent (Perchlorethylene) based systems (UDP)
  • - A3 based systems (UDA)
  • - Fluorinated solvent (HFC, HFE) based systems (UHF, UDF & USD)

Standard working tank sizes for Perchlorethylene and A3 based systems range from 40 to 240litres. For HF solvent solutions, the open tank systems range from 15 to 60litres. Other sizes are available on request.

UNITECH no longer offers Trichloroethylene (R45) cleaning solutions due to the environmental and health issues.

A review is generally carried out with the customer to determine the most suitable process for their specific requirements, taking into account the nature of the parts to be cleaned, the contamination, the cleaning specification, operating requirements, etc… Tests are routinely carried out to ensure that the process meets the required cleanliness and output rate.