1994. A team of 6 technicians and managers leave the company ULTRASONS ANNEMASSE and establish UNITECH, the headquarters are created at Cranves Sales.

1995/1998. Development of A3 and chlorinated solvent vacuum sealed machines in collaboration with a number of local machining companies.

1999. Acquisition and extension of the buildings

2000/2002. Development of a supercritical CO2 line in collaboration with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

2003/2005. Development of an aqueous machine for replacing chlorinated solvent machines in the aerospace industry

2006. Acquisition of UNITECH by SAS D. ROSSIGNOL

2008. Development of a sealed aqueous process utilising bacteria.

2009. Development of a sealed process utilising HFC and HFE products

2010. Acquisition of UNITECH by ATG. Transfer of the headquarters to St Pierre en Faucigny to support the growth strategy as part of the investment deal