Preventive maintenance and after sales support

Preventive maintenance

UNITECH brings its technical expertise and know-how to industrial clients, offering contracts in preventive maintenance specifically tailored to each machine in accordance with specific conditions of use.
Following appraisal, our customer service department may propose periodic check-ups to ensure units are in optimal condition in terms of high-performance cleaning, savings on solvents and water use, and energy efficiency.

After sales support

Once a contracts’ guarantee expires, clients may contact UNITECH 's customer service department to request repair service.
UNITECH will issue a prompt estimate for such intervention.


Upon customer request and after assessment, UNITECH may offer to retrofit cleaning units, bring them up to par and keep them in line with the latest labour laws and environmental standards. In doing so, UNITECH seeks to prolong the lifespan of machines, improve their performance and cut back on solvent bills, water bills and energy consumption to the extent possible.

For further information and advice contact our customer service department on our Contacts page