Cleaning with A3 solvents

A3 solvents (hydrocarbons or modified alcohols) provide an ideal alternative for standard degreasing needs of contaminants that remain relatively unchanged over time.

Our sealed vacuum machines are compatible with the flash point of A3 solvents. Continuous solvent recycling and a residue purification system limit waste management costs.

Upon request, additional features such as ultrasonic cleaning devices may be installed for particle removal. Like all of our precision cleaning units, our A3 machines are customised for each application in terms of lay-out and programming.

Unless otherwise specified by the client, standard, non-specific machine components are used to ensure simple maintenance.

Upon request, machines initially designed to operate with A3 solvents may be converted for use with chlorinated solvents

Applications : flexible cleaning with various materials and contamination
  • * Space
  • * Industrial maintenance
  • * Mechanical
  • * Precision turning
  • * Explosives
  • * Sub-contract cleaning
  • * Surface treatment
  • * Automotive