Cleaning with chlorinated solvents - Perchloroethylene

Perchlorethylene (R40) is used as a powerful solvent for multi-purpose degreasing that complies with current labour laws and environmental standards.

This solvent is generally used in a vacuum sealed environment in order to clean parts in a liquid phase. However, UNITECH also supplies more simple vapour phase installations within a sealed process, complying with all current legislation.

Continuous solvent recycling and a residue purification system limit waste management costs. Special equipment is used as required to ensure particle removal and meet end customer cleanliness specifications.

Each automated machine may be programmed to meet the specific needs of individual customers, in terms of number of cycles required and frequency of use. Lay-out of the machines may be tailored to fit available facility space.

Unless otherwise specified by the client, standard, non-specific machine components are used to ensure simple maintenance.

All UNITECH chlorinated solvent machines may be supplied A3-compatible. They can be designed as fully flexible – able to operate with either solvent (following a complete purge procedure), or convertible via a process modification, the cost of which can be defined as part of the overall machine quotation.

Applications : flexible cleaning with various materials and contamination
  • Aeronautical, space
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Mechanical
  • Precision turning
  • Explosives
  • Sub-contract cleaning
  • Surface treatment
  • Automotive