USD - Solvent drier

This is a sophisticated drying process utilising fluorinated solvents in open tanks compatible with operating and environmental legislation. The drying process is by water displacement; the parts are then coated in the solvent and are dried in the presence of cooling pipes which condense the solvent. This process counters corrosion problems which can arise with hot air or vacuum drying. It can also increase productivity.

Application :

Drying of complex parts
Rapid drying (quicker than hot air systems) where avoidance of heating the parts is preferred

Principal of operation :

Standard cleaning cycle :
  • 1) Water elimination through immersion
  • 2) Immersion rinsing + ultrasonic agitation
  • 3) Immersion rinsing + US
  • 4) Vapour phase rinsing
  • 5) Drying

U3SD 60 drier with automatic cover Technical specifications (printable version)